Origins of Raptors (A Hypothesis)

Sun Tzu once wrote,

?Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.?

Clearly to be safe from Raptors we must understand the Raptors themselves. In order to understand the Raptors we must first understand the origins of the Raptors

The general accepted belief is that Raptors evolved similar to the rest of dinosaurs. However, this is obviously a falsehood spread by raptors to hide their true origins. So we must rely upon pure conjecture to determine the origins of Raptors. A few theories have been presented, however, the most probably I would like to define as the “Chuck Norris Hypothesis”

Chuck Norris Hypothesis – Chuck Norris was once ambushed by a group of ninjas who foolishly believed they were able to catch Chuck off-guard. In the brutal Ninja beating the followed Chuck managed to accidentally impregnate a samurai sword. The result? RAPTORS!!