(Not) a Sarah Palin S3x Doll

From thefrisky.com

Considering how obsessed the nation is with Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, it was only a matter of time before someone created a love doll in her likeness. After the jump, all the details on what may be America?s first political sex doll.

Created by adult product purveyors Topco, the Sarah Palin blowup doll is known as the ?This is NOT Sarah Palin Inflatable Love Doll.? Featuring a busty, conservatively dressed Palin lookalike, the box cover promises: ?Cross party lines with your own inflatable running mate!? The political love doll?s suggested uses include: ?Blow her up and show her how you?re going to vote,? ?Let her pound your gavel over and over,? and ?It?s time some male interns caused a scandal in the Capitol.? In addition, the company suggests, the Palin doll could stand in for the candidate at her next debate with Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden. ?This blow-up sex doll could really satisfy the swing voters.? Who knew the coming presidential election could be decided by a sex doll?

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