Dollar Bill Origami Artist Lives in a Garbage Truck

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper

folding. The goal of this art is to create a representation of an object using geometric folds and crease patterns preferably without the use of gluing or cutting the paper, and using
only one piece of paper.

Won Park is the master of Origami.  He is also called the “money folder”, a practitioner of origami whose canvas is the United States One Dollar Bill.

Bending, twisting, and folding, he creates life-like shapes in stunning detail.

One Dollar Catfish
One Dollar Origami Catfish

One Dollar Butterfly

Butterfly One Dollar Origami

One Dollar Camera

Camera One Dollar Origami

Two Dollars Battle Tank

Tank One Dollar Origami

Two Dollars  Chinese Dragon

Dragon One Dollar Origami

One Dollar Crab

Crab One Dollar Origami

One Dollar Dolphin

Dolphin One Dollar Origami

Two Dollars Jacket

Jacket One Dollar Origami

Two Dollars Spider

Spider One Dollar Origami

One Dollar Scorpion

Scorpion One Dollar Origami

One Dollar Bat

Bat One Dollar Origami

One Dollar Toilet Bowl

Toilet One Dollar Origami

One Dollar Penguin

Penguin One Dollar Origami

One  Dollar Shark

Shark One Dollar Origami

One Dollar Jet

Jet One Dollar Origami

One Dollar Hammer Head Shark

Shark One Dollar Origami

Interested in learning how to fold dollar bill origami you can check out Origami w/Dollar Bills

****This  is wild ****

He lives in a
garbage truck!    You have to
look at this house!

Learn more about dollar bill origami



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  • What incredibly beautiful, careful, thoughtful, complicated-made-simple work: in the origami and the garbage truck. This was a pleasure to look at this morning.

  • The pictures of the inside and the outside of the truck look like two different vehicles. Notice the windows on the inside shoots don’t line up with the lack of windows on the outside shots.

  • Have been to Japan twice and loved it. Origami work plus living in the vehicle is not surprising. Japanese people can live in small spaces and do it well. Origami, too.

  • The interior of the truck looks like a computer generated image to me. :/

  • Cliff,

    I thought the windows did not line up at first, but if you look at the interior picture of the “LOFT” (overlooking the living room) you can see that the upper section is a “POP-UP” section. When it’s in the down position the upper loft section is covering the windows. In that picture of the loft over looking the living room you can also see the hydrolic lifts and poles in each corner. That definitely confirms to me that the entire upper section pops up.

    The living room section may also pop out from the back when the truck is parked, and then somehow folds away when he is driving.

    It would have made more sense if who ever wrote this article took a few more pictures and explained the upper loft level is a pop up section.

    And there are no pictures of the bathroom. I can only imagine it must be very small.


    There is the answer to if the truck is real. It is, but not as described in this email. It’s a cross between an offroad vehicle and a camper, but it only looks like a converted garbage truck. A company produces them. That also means that this artist likely doesn’t live out of this one, since the photos come from the company’s website.

  • Hi Babe isnt this amazing art ??? (: lol K

  • Won Park appears to be a Krean name. True? Please advise where this artist lives. I’m intrigues by the appliances in the kitchen; also the cabinetry. I don’t think we make this style in the US. His Origami artistry is almost unbelievable. I can’t make a ring, let alone a bowtie and wish I could do just that little bit.

  • I am a member of an Origami club, and one of the members of the club knows Won Park very well. He doesn’t live in a camper. Won Park IS, however, a master money folder. The camper is a Terra-Cross, and is NOT built from a garbage truck. These photos came from their web site. Some jerk just combined the pictures and made up the story.

  • @Carol – I believe that you are correct. Even when publishing this it appeared that they were two separate sets of photos.

    I publish the emails I receive but agree this email appears to combine two separate stories.

    Here is the link to Terra-Cross that shows the actual camper photos.

    I don’t have any other information regarding Won Park, but his Origami is amazing

  • Does anyone have any current contact information for Mr. Park? I’m writing from Ranger Rick magazine, the National Wildlife Federation’s children’s magazine, and we are interested in doing an article on Mr. Park and his art, but so far we haven’t had any luck in contacting him. If you can help please me at

    Any help appreciated!

  • I am interested in the Garbage truck, cost, mileage, service/maintenance and other specific issues – where do you get one?


  • Pretty cool.

  • The truck shown is sold for a minimum of $500,000.00. I have seen numerous disclaimers by Won Park saying that he does not own or live in such a truck and that he only wishes he could afford such a vehicle.

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