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  • A long time back I saw this very funny BMW Ad which I think was the best BMW Ad ever. It read, “BMW – For those who can’t get laid.”

  • Using women to sell your product: gross and sexist.
    Selling used cars by comparing them to “used” women?: unacceptable.

  • I have always thought babies and bathing beauties were great attention getters in advertisements…….

  • @Nemo
    Are you a used woman?

  • @Nemo: Go back to your 50 cats you spinster! No need to cry sexism just because you weigh a thousand times more than the model in the picture.

  • Nemo,
    You’re an idiot.
    Hugs and kisses,
    The Internet

  • Sounds like Nemo is the one who needs to get laid.

  • Do you laugh at the commercials which show the ignorance, ineptitude, and or stupidity of a typical American male? Hypocrisy much?

  • Oh, jump off it with the feminism and relax. It’s just a clever ad.

  • i doubt they care if theyre being sexist all they care about is if it works…id say im a pretty compassionate man who doesnt look down on woman, but that really made me think to myself “that IS a good point” so it worked pretty nicely, guys, for the most part, care more for cars than girls do, so they will be directing their ads towards me, so i give BMW credit because that ad works…PROPS!!!

  • towards men i mean

  • Disregard that, I suck cock!

  • Moral outrage on the internet: pointless.
    Not having a sense of humor: just plain sad.

  • @nemo

    Its a joke do you think the girl in the photo doesnt care, do you assume she doesn’t have morals or a stance on woman’s rights?

    Get over it.

  • Nemo’s right…don’t be a sexist. Chicks don’t like that.

  • Nemo, suck my d***

  • @Nemo: shut up bitch, and make me a sandwich.

  • How disgraceful and disgusting.

  • Not gross, if it works, it works.
    It’s an acceptable way of advertising, it grabs attention, and it makes the reader think, if not much.

    stop being so fucking old fashioned

  • It got your attention, so it must be working. The only bit that’s unacceptable is that so many people are so easily offended by petty items. Will this matter, at all, in five years?

  • Must…..have……that……womaaaaaa..or a used BMW ? 🙂 wtf
    Nice ad, sexist ? hell ya baabyy ;D

  • ^Having no sense of humor and a stick up your ass: Unacceptable

  • Nemo.. you need to take a chill pill. Gross and Sexist would fall under some adjectives I would use to describe you as a human because of your neglecting of reality. Sex sells. Figure it out.
    Great add BMW!!!!
    P.S. Nemo
    I’m sure you’ve never actually “used”(in your words, not mine) a woman from the sounds of your argument.

  • Nemo? Seriously? LoL! Wow cry more, this is an excellent ad. Defiantly grasps the viewers attention. It’s Brilliant. LoL

  • Defending women’s rights is so 1920!
    This ad rocks, I’d drive it!

    Also, who’s your daddy?

  • @nemo – Stop being so feminist. It’s proven that sex sells. Calm down and move on with your conservative views.

  • Fools! Nemo could be so great of a troll, you may not even realize how amazing it may be. It sure as hell hooked the likes of you indeed! Troooooooooool

  • Is it just me or does this girl look underage ?

  • She isn’t even old enough to drive. Why would they use her to advertise a car. What is sh 9.

  • @nemo – you’re just a lost fish ?

  • A NEMO!

    Si no te han usado nunca deberías preocuparte!!

    Gran anuncio

  • @Everyone yelling at Nemo

    The problem with this ad is that the girl looks like she’s thirteen. It’s disgusting. It’d still be sexist if she was twenty-five or whatever, but now it’s just disturbing and gross. It was first marketed in Greece, where the age of consent is pretty low (sixteen or maybe lower). This ad is completely inappropriate, and whoever posted it here should be ashamed of themselves.

  • BMWs are marketed towards short single fat guys going through a mid-life crisis who can’t figure out why all their money doesn’t make blonde babes cream their thongs on sight. They have to pay for sex, and they have to pay for cars, so this ad is perfect for them. They get it.

    Some others are offended at the overt implication that a woman having sexual experience means she’s “used goods”, and is therefore worth less than a virgin (just like in Thailand). It treats women like sexual objects, but if women don’t think its hilarious then they just don’t have a sense of humor. Like when blacks don’t laugh at slave jokes.

  • She looks about 12

  • Haha, wow, y’all got trolled hard. Props, nemo.

  • wow, you have to know someone was not going to think it was funny. the thing that disappoints me is that the rest of the commenters are cunts about it. we get, it its just a joke. quit being douchebags.

  • 12 you say?

    Too Old.

  • I don’t get all the people jumping on Nemo. It *is* sexist. We are suffering from an over-sexualization of women that is affecting little girls, creating for them an unattainable goal of beauty and sexuality, which results in everything from eating disorders to teen pregnancy. It also leads young boys and men to believe that women are, first and foremost, sexual objects, (in this case) equal to automobiles. Not human beings. Every ad that uses a sexualized image of a woman to sell something adds to it.
    I’m not saying sex doesn’t sell. Obviously it does. But it doesn’t make it right; it doesn’t make it okay.

    Go ahead and start name-calling. It doesn’t make my point any less valid just because you think in order to have such a view I must weigh 300 lbs (I don’t) or live alone (I don’t) or with 50 cats (Not even one), or that I am a conservative (nope) or a Christian (I’m atheist). I do, however, have two little girls, and am trying to raise them with intelligence and self-esteem.

  • Matt and Nemo rock the rest of you are the short fat ugly perverted guy the ad is selling underage sex to.

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