More cute pet pictures

NO, I’m not going to the VET!!
Kitten in Couch Cushions

This beats the heck out of bunk beds!
Kittens sleeping together

Aww shucks, I thought I’d end up in the kitchen
Puppy in a Jacket

I’ve been on hold for 45 minutes!!!!
Dog on Hold Forever

Hold still while I get this one last spot that I missed..
Kitten Cleaning Ferret

I have an OUWEE!
Dog in a Cast

What do you mean, ‘I look a little green today?’
Kitten in Frog Hat

I wasn’t
doin’ anything
naughty, promise.
Kitten Trying to Look Innocent

Ahhh… this
is sooo good my toes are
Puppy Playing in Clover

Whew, this pumpin’ iron is for the birds!!
Kitty Pumping Iron

Mom said to cover your mouth when you yawn
Basket Full of Puppies

If they phone —  I’m not here
Puppy on Cell Phone

I missed you all day!
Sad Puppy Eyes

have different
Kitty and Bunny

They call
it puppy love~~~

Puppy Love

Kittens Wrestling

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