Picture from Chinese Wal-Mart!!

alligators in China Wal Mart

Bulk Rice.
China wal Mart bulk rice
Mixed Meat.
Assorted meat at China Wal mart
Orange Juice And Cooking Oil.
Cooking Oil and OJ

Turles and frogs
Your guess is as good as mine
Mystery Meat
Walmart Brand Spirits ($0.15)

Rib Cages.
Ribs for Sale at Wal mart
Assorted Dried Reptiles.
assorted dried reptiles
Beautiful Boxes Of Liquor.
boxes of Sake

Live frogs at Wal Mart
A Large Selection Of Chopsticks .
Wide selection of chopsticks

duck meat at wal mart
Great Value Brand Beef Granulesbeef granules at wal mart

15. Pig Faces
Pigs Snouts at China Wal Mart

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