How Yuma Was Named

Egos being egos, a great squabble broke out over whom would get the honor of having the town named after them. After escalating to a total standoff, one of the Elders came up with what he thought would be a Peaceful solution. His suggestion: Each day the townsmen would post a couple of sentries at each end of the road leading In and out of the town, widely believed to be the current day U.S. 8.
Soon, two of the sentries spotted a horse and rider heading for their town, and excitement grew, until one of the Sentries, discerning that the rider was a black man, raised his rifle and shot the man out of the saddle, rather than have the town named after a Black guy. The rider’s horse dragged the dying rider right up to where the Sentries were posted, and the rider, in a weakening voice asks, “Why did you shoot me?”
Then the Sentry explained the situation, that the town was to be named after the first person to ride into town. and that his partner wasn’t very happy having the town named after a Negro. However, the sentry said, fair is fair, we have to stick to our word. What’s your name?
And with his last dying breath, the Black guy looks up at the shooter, and gasps,
“Why, You,Mo….! and keeled over and died.
Just in case any of you were wondering how Yuma got it’s name.

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