Funny Novelty Gifts

Having a hard time finding the right gift for that special someone?  Look no further then our novelty gifts section

One of the joys of offering a gag gift is the fact that is hard to go over the top when giving someone a novelty gift.  The point is to be funny which gives yourself the ability to avoid inappropriateness under the cover of humor.  Go wild and check out these great novelty gifts!

Novelty Gifts

There is a bit of something for everyone here from your classic novelty items to some gift ideas the are just outrageous.

Hilarious Bumper Stickers

This can be a single gag that the recipient won’t be aware of until such time that he genuinely checks his bumper. The sentences are frequently tongue-in-cheek potshots at the person himself or at other men and women reading the bumper sticker. Of course, you don’t give the give the bumper sticker slinging insults at the individual – you give them on the man or woman who wants to stick the sticker onto another person’s car.

Now, here is wishing that you don’t become the butt of these kinds of bumper stickers. Then again, if you possibly can give it very good to other men and women, then you must be able to take it, as well! Now, that’s being a good sport.

hilarious bumper stickers

Excrement and Vomit

Yuck! Anybody will instantly give this kind of disgusted reaction on the thought that excrement and vomit will be in their presence. Well, certain, these are normal human wastes but still, these items can actually gross out most people. Well, you’ll be able to elicit laughs with these gag gifts by placing them in places where by you won’t expect them to appear. Your grandmother’s pantry, the gym locker room, the spic-and-span toilet inside the office as well as beside the bed of one’s sister with the hangover are all great places for hilarious novelty items like Instapoop

Just be confident that you do know which one particular is the actual thing and the gag device. Otherwise, you will pick up the real thing and everybody will say “Gotcha!” and you’ll say “Yuck!” So, how does the taste of your own medicine taste like?

Hidden Alcohol Dispensers

Indeed, everyone should be capable to enjoy their favorite beer  wherever even if it’s not allowed. Don’t despair, aid is for the way.  We have a great selection of Canouflage Beer Can Wraps
allowing anyone to enjoy their alcoholic beverages where ever you see fit.

Revenge “Gifts”

Everyone has someone that has irritated them just a little too much.  Not that we condone any such action but a wild variety of prank gifts are great for retribution.  Maybe you could use some instant fart spray to make that meeting just a little bit extra uncomfortable.  Perhaps you have an ex that drives you crazy.  Whatever your intentions novelty gag gifts are always a great idea.

Gag Gifts for Older People

Celebrating another birthday with a person reaching their advanced years.  Whether they are turning 25, 30, 50, or 60 you can go wrong with a DIY Prostate Exam Kit!  Who wouldn’t literally LOL when opening this gem?

Do it Yourself Prostate Exam

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